Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Soils: Lithosols

These soils are the last major group present in Ireland. They are common throughout the world and go by many names. The FOA calls them Lithosols, but the USDA calls them Orthents. Their definition is highly weathered rocks with erosion issues.
In Ireland, they are mostly found in the high cliffs and mountainous regions, mostly to the west. They are very unsuited to anything agriculture, and have sparse plants and animals living in their ecosystem. They are extremely shallow and weathered. Most of the bed rock is exposed and shaped sharply.
Site 422

Connemara National Park is located in the area classified as Lithosol soil. There has been a lot of erosion and natural earth phenomena, such as earth quakes and base rock shits that have shaped the face of the area. Their final shape was from the glaciers, which took most of the top soil out and gave the area the sharp, weathered appearance that it is known for.

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