Monday, May 21, 2012

After the Trip

First off, the beauty of this island was nothing that pictures could prepare me for. The soils were not quite what I imagined, but even still it was gorgeous.

The Burrens had the best example of Ireland's Rendzina soils. The exposed limestone stretched on for what seemed like miles. There was ivy, orchids, and other natural flora all over the rocks. The plants grow in pits from erosion from wind or water.

 Here is a close up on a "pit" or groove into the rock with moved soil inside. The soil inside creates basically a pot for the plants to grow.

 In one of the stores we went to near The Burrens, they had a geological map hanging on the wall!
Even though it was from 1962, it was still very interesting to look at. 

 The farming went over the mountains and almost to the top. The most weathered soil would be at the top, and probably would not make the best agricultural land.

 This next picture is of erosion on some mountains on the Dingle Peninsula. Overall, I did not see too much of it on the larger mountain tops.

Though the soil was not red like Tara from Gone with the Wind, the beauty of the landscape is second to none. Even if you aren't interested in soil, the topography and landscapes of the  island are so worth the trip. 

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