Thursday, February 9, 2012


I am currently taking a class at Penn State that has an embedded trip to the country of Ireland. As part of the class, I will be keeping up on a blog about a topic of my choice. My choice is to blog about the soils of Ireland!

As a Horticultural Science major, I have taken many courses on plants and plant-related topics. My favorite courses however, have been more about the plant-related topics, especially plant pathology and soil science.

Why the soils of Ireland? I find soil to be fasinating; with every different place, the soil has been exposed to different conditions. This blog will cover many aspects to Ireland's soils, from basic information to more agricultural topics.

Below is a basic soil map of Ireland, each color is a different type of soil. There are quite a few types, each with their own characteristics and qualities. As the weeks go on, I hope to talk about each one of them!
(, accessed 2/9/12)

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